Our team at GPS Recruitment

Our job is to keep you happy

Who are we

GPS Recruitment is an international recruitment agency and proud experts of international labour mobility. We do not only help you with the cross-border search for new hires but also facilitate the employment and intgration of the new team members.

Why us

Thanks to GPS Recruitment you will get access to the Spanish Market and benefit from our market knowledge. We are your local HR department. You hereby get access to several local pools of applicants including the important universities and job boards. 

Our team lives up to our name: With more than 5 different nationalities are we rooted in the different cultures and are therefore able to understand and mitigate cultural differences preventing problems before they might come up. Additionally, in our team 8 languages are fluently spoken.

On the basis of our extensive experience as technical personnel service provider and the obtained professional expertise for technical profiles, we rapidly understand your technical requirements and adapt them to Spanish standards.

GPS does not need a fancy office, neither do we have great marketing and branding costs. We want our costumers to pay only what he actually gets. 

How we do it

What we guarantee

Nothing is more important to us than the satisfaction of both, our customers and our candidates. Both sides have their contact partners that are available for them at almost any time. Should anything turn out differently than expected, we will look for a solution together


Our costumers we promise first-class candidates, that not only match your technical requirements but also fit to your company culture. As a matter of course they have also successfully passed the language test in those languages that are important for you.


Our candidates we promise qualified, personal and empathic advice and support on their way to a professional change. We will do our utmost to get them closer to their dream job.

Do you have any questions or comments? We would love to hear from you!