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As international recruitment agency, GPS Recruitment has successfully placed professionals in more than 6 different countries. Our technical talent is highly qualified, is at least bilingual (English and Spanish) and most importantly has a great desire to demonstrate their potential to the world.

As a consequence of the current economic crisis, European Labour Markets are diverging and harming imbalances of supply and demand of labour are becoming more and more visible. While in Spain and other South European countries unemployment is very high with over 20%, Germany and other Central European countries are even starting to notice a shortage of skilled workers. High unemployment damages the economy, the society and the affected individuals. Moreover, a large proportion of this unused labour force potential consists of academic and highly skilled people that find themselves desperately searching for a job that suits to their qualifications. On the other side, countries like Sweden, Germany, Luxembourg and Belgium are not able to fully exploit their production capacity because they lack skilled workers. And in the end, every economy ́s ability to compete depends on the steady supply of human capital and workers. Worldwide, according to a study of the Boston Consulting Group, in which the workforce supply-and-demand dynamics are forecasted for the 25 major economies, the imbalances of supply and demand of labour will cause losses of $10 trillion or 10% of total world GDP.

Divergence in unemployment in the EU. Source: Eurostat 2016

In short, there is unused human workforce that causes social and economic costs in one country while the lack of it causes deficits in other countries. This situation calls for labour mobility as a mechanism of adjustment. Here is where GPS Recruitment comes into play. Our mission is to contribute to a more efficient allocation of human resources by identifying taIent in Spain and providing it to companies in Europe and worldwide, where they are currently needed more.

What does that mean for you

Whereas in your country you might encounter difficulties to attract the right talent, there is a pool of human resources in other countries you might not have considered yet. The free movement of people is a fundamental right and one of the 4 principles (free movement of capital, goods, services and workers) on which the unified markets of the European Union are based. However, its potential is not fully exploited yet, probably because cultural, language and education barriers seem too high for many. But what if all that is taken care of by somebody? After all, the selection of employees should be about the occupation of vacancies with suitable specialists, who have the necessary skills and personality. The origin of that person should play a subordinate role.

Moreover, filling gaps is by far not the only advantage that international labour force brings. Spanish High Potentials turn out to bring more flexibility and willingness to travel than local employees. Additionally, foreign workers are often more committed, achievement-and efficiency-oriented because they see great future prospects in Germany, something they lack in their home country and therefore will not risk to lose their new job by no means. And not only that, they are usually more moderate with their salary expectations because of the limited number of alternatives in their home country.

Let us be that somebody

As international recruitment agency, we are there to give you the chance of having access to this extra source of (human) resources in your search for new employees and at the same time, to ensure that the cross border recruitment does not mean any additional difficulties for your organization. Over the years we have developed our ”bi-cycle” method which guarantees our clients and candidates a mutually satisfactory integration. It includes not only a renowned full cycle recruitment in Spanish Labour Markets, but also the ”pre” and “post” in the destination country.

We provide solutions for different types of labour relations.

  • Employment agency

  • Full-Scale or On-Demand RPO (Recruitment Process Outscouring)

  • Staffing and temporary employment

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We urgently needed skilled workers, we had losses in our sales because we were missing people! Thanks to the team from GPS Recruitment, we came up with the idea to also draw on people from nearby Spain, where they are not only excellently trained, but also have the desire to work once in Germany.

With our new employee from Spain, we have not only gained a loyal, flexible and energetic new workforce, but also expanded the diversity of our team, which in turn makes us more creative and innovative in finding solutions. We are very happy to have Antonio with us.

Anonymous, Manufacturer of processing machinery

Spanish professionals bring new impulses to the companies through their different background, education and cultural imprint. For us the cooperation with them results in a gain in efficiency.

It can strengthen the business relations in the respective country. In addition, one should give the young people the chance to see a future abroad. Spanish professionals are internationally recognized today.

Our two technical editors were really good, very independent and with a high motivation.

What they had been taught was implemented with a good conscience and therefore there were hardly any inquiries.

If mistakes were made, they conducted an analysis to avoid making this mistake again.

They also took a German course to be able to communicate outside of work.

Anonymous, Manager of Technical Documentation Aerospace